Opportunity Link seeks to assist the communities of Northcentral Montana achieve and sustain independence, prosperity and a better way of life.

Opportunity Link was established by Northcentral Montana communities in partnership with the Northwest Area Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping communities in eight states increase their prosperity for the long-term.

Opportunity Link is in a unique position to break down historically isolated silos of service and act as a resource broker between diverse communities, races, incomes and governments. Opportunity Link provides critical services as a collaborator, innovator and facilitator. Our success stems from being able to contribute big picture strategic thinking along with ground level achievements.

Since 2004, Opportunity Link has proven the effectiveness of building sustainable programs through community partnerships. Established relationships throughout the region have enhanced workforce development, asset building and wealth creation programs. Workforce and small business development are a focus in fostering community prosperity. Examples include worker training, public transportation, housing and green construction, renewable energy and conservation.