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Tribal Resilience VISTA Positions Available

Resilience AmeriCorps VISTAs work on serve low-income communities across the country by developing plans and implementing projects that increase resilience-building capacity.

Throughout one year of service, VISTAs will work to build capacity in Native American communities to develop and preserve their housing stock in a climate and culturally resilient manner, prepare their staff to handle emergencies, and ensure their residents remain safe. Successful applicants will travel to the Native American Resilience AmeriCorps Academy for training.

Applications are due Monday, November 28th, 2016 by 5pm MST.

If you are interested in this program, please visit

Tribal Resilience AmeriCorps VISTA at Blackfeet Reservation:

Tribal Resilience AmeriCorps VISTA at Fort Belknap Reservation:

Tribal Resilience AmeriCorps VISTA at Rocky Boy Reservation:


If you have any questions about the positions, call Rosie Goldich, Project Coordinator, at (406) 265-3699 or email at

Vibrant Rural Communities

This article provides links to 9 case studies in which small towns have collaborated to make a positive change, addition, or partnership in their community. Each small town is unique but shares a common theme of community and close-knit connections. These success stories provide some excellent best practice strategies that can be applied to any small town.  Click here to read more.  

WASACT – Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Action Coordinating Team

W2ASACT or the Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Action Coordinating Team, is a group of professionals from state, federal, and non-profit organizations that finance, regulate, and/or provide technical assistance for community water and wastewater systems throughout Montana. The W2ASACT website contains grant applications, guides and tips  for applying to 2014 water/wastewater funding. 

Youth With a Voice: Engaging Young People in Rural and Small Town Community Development

One of the greatest issues for rural communities is the outmigration of youth. These talented young individuals are leaving their rural hometowns for several different reasons, but a recurring theme of this outmigration is the lack of opportunities for career pathways and social development. This resource from NADO provides research and results of engaging youth in community as well as several examples of successful youth engagment projects.  Visit the NADO website for more information.  

Tribal Energy by Design

In August of 2014, the Department of Energy, in partnership with Opportunity Link, held a tribal energy forum on the Blackfeet Reservation at the Blackfeet Community College. The forum attracted tribal leaders, energy experts, and state and federal representatives from all over Montana and surrounding states to discuss the barriers and opportunities for developing energy within tribal communities. This link leads to presentations on the DOE’s Tribal Energy Program, Alternative Energy Financing and Incentives, Developing an Energy Workforce in Indian Country, and many more topics related to energy development. Click here for more information on the DOE website.  A full report can be read by clicking this link.  


Tools for Business Success

This toolkit from Sweetgrass Development Corporation provides information and resources for small business owners, employers, regional companies, and entrepreneurs. The website offers resources and helpful links to business plans, industry statistics, business expansion techniques, funding options, and educational materials. 

Triple Bottom Line Economic Development Tool

The Triple Bottom Line Tool can be used to calculate the financial and community impact of economic decisions and investments given a variety of market, social, and environmental influences. This tool, a free on-line tool developed by funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, can be used in economic decision-making to see what effects investment choices will have on communities and regions. Follow the link to use the TLB Tool, read the PDF document for user guide and tips, and view an additional helpful video here

Triple Bottom Line Tool User’s Guide