Hill County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Education opportunities (MSUN, Havre Job Svc)
  • Nurture farmers, markets, co-ops, etc.
  • Develop low-cost health care options
  • Open port, improve roads, create housing.
  • Utilize old IGA building.

Phillips County Input


  • More small business
  • Less regulation
  • Allow the TransCanada project
  • Employee training
  • Move in companies to create more jobs
  • Improve government policy in regards to agriculture, mining
  • Reclamation is ongoing at the mine
  • Open some state lands to recreational access and housing development
  • Develop access road

Judith Basin County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Keep taxes low enough to promote new businesses
  • Ensure dependable cell phone service (tower)
  • Expand hours of grocery store
  • Get credit card gas station (rather than key)
  • Reopen Black Bull (access building and liquor license)
  • Recruit bookkeeper/accountant
  • Find lenders who can help make borrowing easier
  • Develop tourism
  • Improve internet connectivity
  • Identify regulations that are holding business back
  • Establish new restaurant

Blaine County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Lower water and sewer rates
  • Develop more retail, perhaps a cooperative store
  • Expand child care
  • Remodel City Courthouse, City Hall, Police Dept
  • Upgrade water treatment/sewer systems
  • Seek access to affordable business loans
  • Promote community attractions, events, businesses, and services
  • Improve rest area, fair grounds, walking path
  • Thinking/being more entrepreneurial
  • Education/training for more skilled workforce
  • Fiber optics with Triangle Communications
  • UPS drop stop
  • Revitalize Main Street
  • Attract younger people with new ideas
  • Business opportunity that would bring families to the community