Chester Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • New Main Street businesses (restaurant, motel, tire repair services)
  • Access to affordable business financing
  • Industrial parking


  • Improved infrastructure to capture and sell wind energy
  • More housing and more affordable housing to attract new residents
  • Caught in a spiral: “Business owners say no reliable help, no employees; citizens say no jobs available.”


  • Government programs aren’t working; slow Medicare payments and cutbacks are forcing local hospital to “eat” costs
  • Limit liability to reduce cost of insurance
  • Local training for health care professionals
  • Bring chiropractor back to town


  • Seek financing for demolition of “eyesore” housing
  • Seek financial group to invest in new housing
  • Create more affordable low-income housing


  • Prepare for the expansion of Bakken activity, the coming “boom”
  • Hire more police
  • Improve the jail
  • Improve sewer system
  • Build sidewalks

Recreation & Parks

  • Pave roads to Lake Elwell

Other Ideas

  • Seek ways to keep kids here or bring them back (summertime youth activities, job opportunities)
  • Build capacity to care for elders
  • Market vacant lots to people from outside the area
  • Market slower pace of life to people from outside the area
  • Market tourist opportunities (we are in an ideal central location)

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