Conrad Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • More grocery stores and gas stations
  • More food places
  • More stores, competition


  • Provide better conditions for teachers
  • Better training for public servants
  • More jobs so more people can live here comfortably


  • Energy and more windmills
  • Better energy—have been noticing power glitches


  • Clean environmental area


  • Educational funding in science and art programs
  • More class options, experienced teachers, college credits


  • Have more local medical care
  • More affordable dentist
  • Better medical care
  • Shorter travel distance to emergency health care
  • More medical supplies so we can have more accessible medical service


  • Create more low-income housing
  • More affordable housing
  • Don’t raise rents due to oil rigs
  • We need better housing
  • Renovate old, decrepit, and decomposing houses
  • Housing isn’t working because it is getting expensive and there isn’t a lot of options either; find a way to build a well affordable building house

Recreation & Parks

  • Dog park; community activities; need more social activities, increase programs
  • More recreational opportunities for children and families, particularly after school
  • Some form of youth and family entertainment other than just the theater and museum
  • New buildings and new activity centers to improve look of town


  • Improve street conditions
  • Improve snow removal so driveways aren’t plowed in

Other Ideas

  • Another Head Start program
  • More local healthy food choices
  • More healthy restaurants
  • More youth involvement in community
  • Less bars; more social events for students; stricter law enforcement
  • Increase community involvement/interaction
  • More local activities for adults and children, such as pool, basketball court, weight/exercise room
  • More support for food pantry during holiday season
  • Repair broken sidewalks
  • Improve infrastructure—our buildings are old and don’t look good

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