Geraldine Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Secure consistent, faster, Internet access
  • Develop local veterinarian clinic
  • Develop local auto/ag machinery mechanics shop
  • Develop meat processing business
  • Develop local law enforcement


  • Improve Internet access
  • Continue to attract teachers (assist them to find housing)


  • Seek grants to develop alternative energy sources like wind farm


  • School needs more housing
  • Develop a 4-plex apartment
  • Seniors need housing (retirement home with medical and transit services)
  • Seek a benefactor (like Winifred or Harlem)


  • Develop secondary water source
  • Mitigate saline seep (alfalfa)

Recreation & Parks

  • Develop RV area between depot and RR, with water and sewer
  • Place signage to direct visitors from rest stop
  • Update community center to include youth center
  • Make walking/bike trail on old RR between Geraldine and Great Falls


  • Develop local transit system (8-passenger van)
  • Improve options with existing transit systems
  • Support Snowy Mountains Development efforts to rebuild trestle and railroad
  • Reopen airport

Other Ideas

  • Improve “curb appeal” by enforcing blight ordinance to clean up unkempt lots
  • Provide incentive to improve local yards and lots

Geraldine Spending

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