Glacier County Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Need better customer service; fast foods/Wal-Mart.
  • We need family oriented business.
  • Lack of funds for public infrastructure improvement-to keep our town clean.
  • Lack of economic availability: bank loans, jobs, assistance filling out applications.


  • Get more employment so people could have jobs.
  • Expand the hospital so there will be a lot more openings for job opportunities; expand a lot more of our businesses.


  • Water and wind.
  • Wind energy to become locally sustainable.


  • No place to ride and walk in lighting and of road.
  • Lights and security in the walking park.
  • Landscape our downtown streets and the road toward high school.
  • Parks and a neater community (garbage and dog problem controlled).


  • Need more mental health services for people.
  • New treatment center (drugs and alcohol).
  • Treatment and mental health services to assist with extreme addiction problems.


  • Lack of rental housing.
  • Homeless shelter.
  • New nursing home.
  • Refurbish old buildings.
  • More affordable, nice-looking houses.

Recreation & Parks

  • Other youth activities such as ice skating rink, swimming pool/outdoor.
  • Clubs and organized activities and sports leagues for adults and kids.
  • More places where teens can go and hang out like a mall, a movie theater, etc.


  • We as a community need public transportation during the evenings and weekends.

Other Ideas

  • We need more police/more lights/more neighborhood patrols to prevent vandalism and crimes.
  • Need a larger food bank.
  • Four year Bachelor’s degrees at BCC.
  • Tech school for job training.
  • Vo-tech center would be so beneficial here for students to get a trade skill in town for those that don’t see a high school diploma as an achievable goal.
  • Sidewalks; public safety; fix roads; support small businesses; protect environment for younger generations.
  • Better help with teen pregnancy; housing; schooling; police; job training.

Share your ideas for creating a Vibrant Future on the Blackfeet Reservation below!!