Havre Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Education opportunities (MSUN, Havre Job Svc)
  • Nurture farmers, markets, co-ops, etc.
  • Develop low-cost health care options
  • Open port, improve roads, create housing
  • Utilize old IGA building


  • Find new funding sources, perhaps from expanded development of natural resources
  • Increase representation on Board of Regents
  • Increase local control over schools, reduce federal and state control
  • Create counseling program for bullying prevention
  • Serve healthy foods in cafeterias, increase students’ physical activity


  • Create more opportunities for vocational training
  • Engage youth as part of community
  • Invest in industrial employers to stay in community for a long time
  • Continue to offer transit, university-level technical training
  • Develop more diverse opportunities (e.g. arts organization, non-industrial employers)


  • Expand home weatherization program
  • Encourage dialogue re: energy, sources, development of alternative fuels (wind, solar, biofuels)
  • Piggyback development on MSU research
  • Reduce government mandates


  • Acquire pulverizer for recycling local glass
  • Create incentives for recycling
  • Organize more community cleanups
  • Develop fur trading services
  • Seek greater local autonomy

Recreation & Parks

  • Create more walking trails and recreational opportunities


  • Attract new local health care providers, including specialists
  • Develop health care options separate from existing local “monopolies”
  • Reduce turnover of doctors
  • Reduce health insurance charges
  • Focus on prevention (diet and exercise)


  • Find housing developer; offer tax credits
  • Develop more middle-income and low-income housing options
  • Refurbish old houses
  • Habitat for Humanity


  • More buses in city
  • Increase use of bus line (NCMT)
  • Better service and prices for air flights

Other Ideas

  • Sponsor alcohol-free events
  • Encourage more collaboration among community non-profits; pool resources; promote efforts like this one (VF)
  • Farm the boulevard, living pantry, hydroponic garden, outdoor water park.
  • Consolidate city/county governments; introduce non-partisan elections
  • Invest in value-added agriculture and natural resource development
  • Improve awareness of estate planning and Havre Community Foundation
  • Promote MSUN, Boys & Girls Club, afterschool activities
  • Develop city infrastructure including city sewers and curbside recycling

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