Judith Basin County Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Keep taxes low enough to promote new businesses
  • Ensure dependable cell phone service (tower)
  • Expand hours of grocery store
  • Get credit card gas station (rather than key)
  • Reopen Black Bull (access building and liquor license)
  • Recruit bookkeeper/accountant
  • Find lenders who can help make borrowing easier
  • Develop tourism
  • Improve internet connectivity
  • Identify regulations that are holding business back
  • Establish new restaurant


  • Develop jobs in energy to bring more workers to area
  • Develop jobs in oil, coal, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, housing, retail
  • Identify government policies that harm local businesses
  • Improve internet access
  • Attract young people with jobs and housing
  • Maintain Forest Service jobs


  • Provide education about healthy diet
  • Establish health facilities closer to town
  • Access community wellness program
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle


  • Coordinate with other communities to rehab housing
  • Seek grants for multi-family housing projects
  • Secure assisted living facility for seniors


  • Provide transportation to health services
  • Install signal arms, warning signal on all RR crossings
  • Get gas station
  • Bring back train service
  • Trains create opportunity for tourist and recreational rides, sight-seeing by train
  • Transit between Lewistown and Great Falls, possible senior bus
  • Secure low-cost transit for seniors needing to travel to medical appointments
  • Seek grants to build or repair side streets and sidewalks
  • Build walking and hiking trails, bike paths
  • Coordinate ride-share to medical appointments
  • Coordinate prescription pick-up
  • Provide rent-a-wreck for folks with unreliable vehicle
  • Community bulletin board
  • Place mats or printed community calendar (use high school)

Parks & Recreation

  • Install hook-ups for temporary campers
  • Establish location for community activities (weddings, funerals, parties, etc)
  • Seek hotel/motel; indoor exercise facility
  • More CPM trails in Belt Mountains
  • Improve pool


  • Create student activity center
  • Offer adult education/employment & business training
  • Integrate individual athlete sports into school athletic program
  • Expand library
  • Create volunteer corps