Kremlin-Gildford Community Input


  • Use spaces that have been vacated to house new craft shops; senior living; manufacturing.
  • Develop ag-related manufacturing
  • Apply for Incumbent Workers Training Program grants from Montana DOLI


  • Do feasibility study for small scale wind farms, solar power.
  • Hard-wire street lights for dependable service in winter
  • Educate consumers on benefits of improved energy efficiency
  • Take advantage of all renewable energy resources


  • Provide weekly transportation to health services.
  • Run bus from Chester to Havre.
  • Collaborate with home health care providers for transportation.
  • Recruit local doctors
  • Expand current farmer’s market, join Food Hub to improve fresh foods access
  • Improve eating habits and make exercise a family affair
  • Educate 911 dispatchers on NCMT geography; improve mapping of area

Other Ideas

  • Use the vacant Kremlin school for a care center
  • Promote the area

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