Rocky Boy Community Input

Economic Development (private business):

  • Locally-grown food distribution system
  • Each tribal department self-sustaining
  • Increase the number of Indian businesses (grocery store, gas station)
  • Establish stores and shopping centers closer to Rocky Boy or Box Elder
  • Establish local electricity/gas/phone companies
  • Increase honest, respected leadership


  • Develop emmersion education for all grades
  • Make Stone Child College a four-year college
  • Establish cultural centers, museums, art galleries
  • Have a centrally-located Boys and Girls Club
  • Increase the variety of educational programs offered at Stone Child College
  • Increase school retention rates
  • Offer cultural workshops through grade schools and college


  • Increase job opportunities
  • Devlop additional job training for low-income individuals


  • Establish energy efficient homes and apartments
  • Develop renewable energy
  • Free heating for homes
  • Local energy distribution for electricity and gas
  • Have 100% renewable energy resources for local use and businesses
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase LIEAP allocation


  • Establish more law and order in villages
  • Develop healthy water system
  • Create more gardens and increase access to fresh foods
  • Generate more donations to the Food Bank
  • Reduce the amount of litter, create laws against littering

Recreation & Parks:

  • Establish more hiking and biking trails
  • Create more parks, including skate parks, tennis courts, and other ball courts


  • Reduce presence and use of meth and other drugs
  • Improve health care, establish specialists (dental, optometry, etc.)
  • Increase access to medical and vital medical services
  • Reduce racial descrimination in neighboring towns


  • More affordable rental housing
  • Increase availability and variety of housing (apartments, houses, Section 8 housing, etc.)
  • Build more homes
  • Improve home maintenance methods and regulations


  • Add buses
  • Operate free public transportation with frequent stops

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