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Regional Plan 2015-2035

Northcentral Montana’s regional economy, frontier history, rural environments, and small towns are part of our shared identity. In 2012 and 2013, residents told us that they prefer sustainable development to either a “boom & bust” scenario or continued loss of rural population. Their input guided our planning process, which included governments, organizations, and residents of 11 counties and three reservations. Working together, Vibrant Futures Consortium partners identified common goals and developed best strategies that reflect the needs and desires of communities.

We found that every town has its own economic strategies, and every community contributes to the regional economy. Diverse communities rely on one another for services and consumers. They strive to maintain essential services such as grocery stores and gas stations, to revitalize downtown areas, to attract more businesses, and to improve transportation, infrastructure and housing.

You can download the full Regional Plan, the Regional Plan Summary, the Growth Policy Review and the Report Card which can be used in the planning process for any area.


Phillips County Input


  • More small business
  • Less regulation
  • Allow the TransCanada project
  • Employee training
  • Move in companies to create more jobs
  • Improve government policy in regards to agriculture, mining
  • Reclamation is ongoing at the mine
  • Open some state lands to recreational access and housing development
  • Develop access road

Judith Basin County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Keep taxes low enough to promote new businesses
  • Ensure dependable cell phone service (tower)
  • Expand hours of grocery store
  • Get credit card gas station (rather than key)
  • Reopen Black Bull (access building and liquor license)
  • Recruit bookkeeper/accountant
  • Find lenders who can help make borrowing easier
  • Develop tourism
  • Improve internet connectivity
  • Identify regulations that are holding business back
  • Establish new restaurant

Blaine County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Lower water and sewer rates
  • Develop more retail, perhaps a cooperative store
  • Expand child care
  • Remodel City Courthouse, City Hall, Police Dept
  • Upgrade water treatment/sewer systems
  • Seek access to affordable business loans
  • Promote community attractions, events, businesses, and services
  • Improve rest area, fair grounds, walking path
  • Thinking/being more entrepreneurial
  • Education/training for more skilled workforce
  • Fiber optics with Triangle Communications
  • UPS drop stop
  • Revitalize Main Street
  • Attract younger people with new ideas
  • Business opportunity that would bring families to the community

Whitewater Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Public transportation (community bus; part-time driver; weekly route to Malta)
  • Public restrooms
  • Public park
  • Local grocery store
  • Farm-to-cafeteria program to improve access to fresh foods
  • Restaurant w/ regular meals
  • Traveling doctor/nurse (work w/ Phillips Cy Hospital)

Hill County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Education opportunities (MSUN, Havre Job Svc)
  • Nurture farmers, markets, co-ops, etc.
  • Develop low-cost health care options
  • Open port, improve roads, create housing.
  • Utilize old IGA building.

Zortman Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Marketing to promote recreational opportunities (landscape & wildlife, ATV trails, campgrounds, hunting & fishing, gold panning)
  • Services to support hunting and tourism (mapping, maintenance, trail safety)
  • Develop year-round employment options
  • Develop housing (limited by public lands surrounding town)