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Montana Weed Prevention information

Montana State University established a research and prevention program for invasive plant species in the prairie lands of Montana. The program maintains several Weed Protection Areas (WPA) in Northcentral Montana for data collection, research, and weed control. WPAs serve to keep rangelands in our region free of damaging plant species. For more information on Weed Protection Areas, canine detection methods, invasive plants, and range riders, visit their website by clicking here.  

Montana Arts Council grants

The Montana Arts Council strives to strengthen the creative economy of Montana through marketing of authentic and handmade art and craft products, coordinating cultural events, and promoting Montana’s art community. MAC also has funding available for schools and arts organizations through their website.  Click here to learn more.  

Made in Montana USA

Made in Montana USA is a program designed to help local producers and value-added product retailers market and sell their local, Montana Made products. The Made in Montana Program is part of the Office of Trade and International Relations in the Business Resources Division of the Montana Department of Commerce. Their website has a directory of all the Made in Montana products that are currently on the market, resources for potential sellers and producers, as well as information about trade shows and other local producer programs. The program was created to help boost Montana’s economy and assist local producers market their products nationally and internationally.

Main Street Montana Project

The Main Street Montana Project is a planning initiative to identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities of Montana’s economy. The economic business plan developed through this project identifies Montanans’ priorities in developing markets and industry and also presents strategies for maintaining and creating jobs throughout the state.  Click here to learn more.  

Regional Plan 2015-2035

Northcentral Montana’s regional economy, frontier history, rural environments, and small towns are part of our shared identity. In 2012 and 2013, residents told us that they prefer sustainable development to either a “boom & bust” scenario or continued loss of rural population. Their input guided our planning process, which included governments, organizations, and residents of 11 counties and three reservations. Working together, Vibrant Futures Consortium partners identified common goals and developed best strategies that reflect the needs and desires of communities.

We found that every town has its own economic strategies, and every community contributes to the regional economy. Diverse communities rely on one another for services and consumers. They strive to maintain essential services such as grocery stores and gas stations, to revitalize downtown areas, to attract more businesses, and to improve transportation, infrastructure and housing.

You can download the full Regional Plan, the Regional Plan Summary, the Growth Policy Review and the Report Card which can be used in the planning process for any area.


Improving Streets and Trails

Opportunity Link and partners held a technical assistance workshop to provide communities with information and resources on improving the safety and accessibility of city streets and recreational trails. Topics covered included health and the built environment, planning for improved street and trail networks, bicycle tourism, building trails on a local level, and funding for projects. The Street and Trail Resource Packet contains handouts and contact information for technical assistance providers, bicycle tourism opportunities, Montana Department of Transportation resources, and funding source options. Below are some links for additional information:

Bike Walk Montana 
Western Transportation Institute
MT Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
Montana Department of Transportation
Adventure Cycling Association

Keeping It in the Community

This document provides information, models, and resources for funding local energy efficiency efforts after federal funding for such initiatives is depleted. It explains in detail beneficial steps for local government and policy-makers to make in order to continue sustaining energy efficiency in local communities. Read the full report and visit the website for more information. 

Keeping Wealth Local

Hill County Community Health Improvement Plan

As part of the North Central Montana Healthy Communities Collaborative, the Hill County Health Department and partners created an up-to-date Community Health Improvement Plan that outlines health needs, assets, and priorities. Health organizations in the area are focusing on these priorities as they work to improve access to quality health care in rural Montana.   Click here to learn more.