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SNAP/WIC Retailers

Within Opportunity Link’s operating region of eleven counties, three reservations, there are eight USDA certified food deserts. Here is a list of all the SNAP and/or WIC retailers within those eight counties with food deserts: SNAP/WIC Retailers. If you see anything that needs to be changed/updated, please contact Rosie Goldich at (406) 265 – 3699 or 

Rural Broadband Funding: Community Connect Grant

The Community Connect program makes funds available for cooperatives, incorporated organizations, tribes, and government units to complete broadband projects in rural areas. Projects must seek to provide internet services to areas where broadband is least likely to be available and most likely to have a huge impact on quality of life. Applications for the FY 2015 cycle must be submitted by February 17, 2015, via An application guide can be found here: