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To enable the communities of North central Montana to complete a region-wide visioning, planning, capacity building, and information exchange system that will help coordinate and move forward existing local plans to create a comprehensive response to high priority needs and opportunities for a more economically and environmentally sustainable development.


  • Establish goals, roles, and responsibilities of partners and consortium members for efficient and participatory planning in the region
  • Complete a thorough review of existing plans and data in the region that will inform the regional planning process
  • Engage vested regional stakeholders to ensure that they are properly informed during the planning process to advocate for sustainable development throughout the region
  • Provide resources for continued education and engagement of community development stakeholders to enhance decision making
  • Incorporate regional planning elements into local and regional implementation projects and demonstrate effective models for sustainable development in the region


To develop citizen involvement and government planning that, over the next 20 years, will lead to improved employment, housing, community health and safety, regional transportation, water quality, and resource management.

Plan Priorities