Whitewater Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Public transportation (community bus; part-time driver; weekly route to Malta)
  • Public restrooms
  • Public park
  • Local grocery store
  • Farm-to-cafeteria program to improve access to fresh foods
  • Restaurant w/ regular meals
  • Traveling doctor/nurse (work w/ Phillips Cy Hospital)


  • Build energy efficient housing
  • Retrofit current housing for energy efficiency
  • Seek grants to develop new housing (current housing stock is older; mobile homes are not energy efficient; need housing for larger families; apartment complex)


  • New system to provide drinking water to all households
  • Improvements to sewer system (especially for cold weather)
  • Improved gravel/maintenance of local roads
  • Even the road grade where it crosses culvert
  • Restrooms at track field

Recreation & Parks

  • Support tourism (wildlife & landscape photography, hunting, dinosaur fossils) by developing services (lodging, restaurant, gas station, public restrooms, public access park, signs)
  • For local recreation, develop golf course, bowling alley, community center, weight room, etc.

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