Zortman Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Marketing to promote recreational opportunities (landscape & wildlife, ATV trails, campgrounds, hunting & fishing, gold panning)
  • Services to support hunting and tourism (mapping, maintenance, trail safety)
  • Develop year-round employment options
  • Develop housing (limited by public lands surrounding town)


  • Housing development is limited by public lands, flood plain
  • Weatherization program
  • Retrofit program to improve energy efficiency
  • Develop new rentals


  • BLM should improve fire access, signage, and gates on some roads
  • Improve maintenance of local roads (gravel, paving)
  • Improve cell phone and Internet service
  • Improve sewer system (now all septic tanks)
  • Attract younger firefighters

Recreation & Parks

  • 4thof July Celebration, ATV trails, horse-back riding, gold panning, camping, birding, hiking, hunting, fishing
  • Requires trail and road maintenance, ambulance service, law enforcement
  • Support through marketing, signs, trail maintenance, safety brochures, maps, history kiosks
  • Develop recreational access to Azure cave


  • Reclamation is ongoing at the mine
  • Open some state lands to recreational access and housing development
  • Develop access road

Zortman Spending

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