Opportunity Link
Uniting People. Linking Resources. Building Prosperity.

Opportunity Link seeks systemic solutions to reduce poverty
and help the communities of Northcentral Montana achieve and sustain
independence, prosperity and a better way of life.

Regional Planning

Vibrant Futures is YOU, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends and family, deciding the future of our region together. Explore the Vibrant Futures program to hear what North Central Montanans are saying about sustainable development and find out how you can get involved in planning for the future of the region.

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Accessible Transportation

North Central Montana Transit is a public transportation system designed to serve the Hi-Line communities of Hill and Blaine counties and surrounding communities as well as to provide coordinated services with Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy's Transit systems.

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“Workin’ With Tradition” is a classroom-based soft-skills training program designed to help individuals from rural Native American communities prepare for successful employment.

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