Big Sandy Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Create job opportunities for young people, year-round, wages higher than minimum wage
  • Improve presentation of Main Street area to entice highway traffic
  • Improve quality of older housing to attract new residents
  • Improve water and sewer infrastructure to attract new businesses
  • Keep current businesses on Main Street


  • Encourage cooperation to start up wind projects, solar projects, coal production
  • Negotiate transmission lines for wind projects
  • Produce biofuels on larger scale


  • Pave roads and sidewalks
  • More recycling


  • Create walking paths for exercise
  • Access fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Offer more services and housing to attract resident doctor


  • Improve quality of older housing attract new residents

Recreation & Parks

  • Create indoor recreation center for cold weather months
  • Indoor rec center for all ages


  • Pave streets and add sidewalks
  • Coordinate with public transit from Havre to Great Falls
  • Improved handicapped, railroad parking

Other Ideas

  • Create incentives or enforce town codes to persuade residents to clean up lots
  • Attract a child care business to start in town
  • Fund a municipal swimming pool for kids
  • Upgrade sewer and water systems to attract new residents
  • Grow vegetables year round; community gardens; farm-to-cafeteria program
  • Create more forum for community involvement, share information about available resources and services

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