Turner Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Business opportunity that would bring families to the community


  • A great early childhood program would be greatly appreciated
  • A couple of days a week to prepare for increasing standards in public school
  • More opportunities for high school graduates other than the family farm; some sort of economic diversification could address that
  • We need more people with children to keep our school
  • If we had a nursing home, maybe we would have more jobs and more children


  • Having a care center would help tremendously
  • If we had a nursing home, maybe we would have more jobs and more children
  • Getting produce into grocery store to offer public at affordable prices
  • Closer health care


  • Need more housing opportunities for young couples coming to community
  • More housing for people moving or building here
  • The government should build housing in our community for border patrol workers who work only 12 miles away. This would be big in developing our community. It would bring in revenue and also families to help with the growth of our school.
  • More housing available to families larger than 1-2 people so we can have more kids in our school. Without a place to live no one can move here to work or live

Recreation & Parks

  • Park needs to be made available to the community for varied uses—need new management/maintenance people


  • Better Highway 2 (wider and safer)

Other Ideas

  • Need more people, more travelers stopping, more incentives to draw people here either to visit or live
  • Fewer restrictions on expansion, building regulations: EPA, FWP
  • Keeping young families in Turner.

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