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Baseline Indicator Data

For every Regional Plan Area of Focus, we identified a handful of significant quantitative indicators from easily accessed commercial and government data sources. They are all available for counties; some are available for municipalities and reservations as well. The following Excel files provide a starting point for measuring progress towards Regional Plan objectives over the next 20 years.

Improving Streets and Trails

Opportunity Link and partners held a technical assistance workshop to provide communities with information and resources on improving the safety and accessibility of city streets and recreational trails. Topics covered included health and the built environment, planning for improved street and trail networks, bicycle tourism, building trails on a local level, and funding for projects. The Street and Trail Resource Packet contains handouts and contact information for technical assistance providers, bicycle tourism opportunities, Montana Department of Transportation resources, and funding source options. Below are some links for additional information:

Recreational Trails Program Grant

The Recreational Trails Program is administered by Montana State Parks to promote public health, economic growth, transportation infrastructure, and local community pride and identity. Grant funding associated with the program is available for Montana communities to conduct trail maintenance, build new trails, develop trailside facilities, and provide education and safety on outdoor recreation. Funding for the 2015 grant cycle opens on December 19th and closes on March 6th.