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Blaine County Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Lower water and sewer rates
  • Develop more retail, perhaps a cooperative store
  • Expand child care
  • Remodel City Courthouse, City Hall, Police Dept
  • Upgrade water treatment/sewer systems
  • Seek access to affordable business loans
  • Promote community attractions, events, businesses, and services
  • Improve rest area, fair grounds, walking path
  • Thinking/being more entrepreneurial
  • Education/training for more skilled workforce
  • Fiber optics with Triangle Communications
  • UPS drop stop
  • Revitalize Main Street
  • Attract younger people with new ideas
  • Business opportunity that would bring families to the community

Whitewater Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Public transportation (community bus; part-time driver; weekly route to Malta)
  • Public restrooms
  • Public park
  • Local grocery store
  • Farm-to-cafeteria program to improve access to fresh foods
  • Restaurant w/ regular meals
  • Traveling doctor/nurse (work w/ Phillips Cy Hospital)

Stanford Community Input


  • Create student activity center
  • Offer adult education/employment & business training
  • Integrate individual athlete sports into school athletic program
  • Montana High School Association should relax rules
  • Expand library
  • Create volunteer corps

Baseline Indicator Data

For every Regional Plan Area of Focus, we identified a handful of significant quantitative indicators from easily accessed commercial and government data sources. They are all available for counties; some are available for municipalities and reservations as well. The following Excel files provide a starting point for measuring progress towards Regional Plan objectives over the next 20 years.

Rocky Boy Community Input

Economic Development (private business):

  • Locally-grown food distribution system
  • Each tribal department self-sustaining
  • Increase the number of Indian businesses (grocery store, gas station)
  • Establish stores and shopping centers closer to Rocky Boy or Box Elder
  • Establish local electricity/gas/phone companies
  • Increase honest, respected leadership 

Zortman Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Marketing to promote recreational opportunities (landscape & wildlife, ATV trails, campgrounds, hunting & fishing, gold panning)
  • Services to support hunting and tourism (mapping, maintenance, trail safety)
  • Develop year-round employment options
  • Develop housing (limited by public lands surrounding town)

Saco Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Aging population, declining numbers, can’t support local businesses enough to support growth
  • Offer employee training in customer service
  • Price of gas must improve

Malta Community Input

Economic Development (private business)

  • Continue revitalization of downtown area
  • Continue to fund Phillco
  • New call center
  • Neighborhood block party
  • Community center
  • Better use of existing buildings; recruit new businesses
  • Business directory
  • “Welcome” packet for tourists and new residents
  • Recruit optometrist, dentist