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Arts-based Community Development Investment for the Hi-line

Opportunity Link has been selected by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to receive $100,000 for a creative placemaking project to support vibrant rural and tribal communities in Northcentral Montana with the arts at their core. Opportunity Link will receive $100,000 to plan a Hi-Line Arts Trail and commission public art.

Contact: Andi Daniel,, 406-265-3699 for more information.  

Graying of Montana

This is a series of videos focused on a variety of topics related to aspects of building community, including health, education, transportation, etc. Created for the first One Montana state-wide conference, Graying of Montana, these videos explore the future of Montana, the impact of its aging population, and relevant solutions for preparing for our future. Watch to find out more.  

Creating Competitive Rural and Tribal Communities

This paper highlights the need for collaboration among planning organizations and implementation agencies in the success of economic and community development strategies. The paper also offers insider information on best practices for capacity building in rural communities, with lessons learned and case studies in rural and tribal development. Read the full paper for more in-depth details. 

Creating Competitive Rural and Tribal Communities

ToolKit to Build a Sustainable Network

Created by Rural Support Partners (RSP), which is a social enterprise that works toward strengthening organizations through networks of entities as well as asset-based economic development. RSP developed this toolkit to help organizations within a community establish strategic networks. It includes steps on how to create a successful network and includes several worksheets for assistance in the network development process.

Building_a_Sustainable_Network Toolkit

Funding Available for Western Water and Energy Efficiency Projects

The Bureau of Reclamation (BuRec) is seeking proposals from local governments, water districts, Indian tribes, and states for its WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grants. BuRec’s WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grant program provides funding to communities in the Western United States to conserve and use water more efficiently, increase the use of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency, benefit endangered and threatened species, facilitate water markets, and carry out activities to address climate-related impacts on water.

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Growth Through Agriculture Program

The Growth Through Agriculture (GTA) program was established by the Montana Legislature to strengthen and diversify Montana’s agricultural industry. GTA is a grant and loan program that supports efforts of businesses developing new agricultural products and processes. Local Food and Agricultural Development Centers (FADC) can assist in project planning and application materials. 

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How the EPA assists with community sustainability

EPA helps communities grow in ways that expand economic opportunity, protect public health and the environment, and create and enhance the places that people love.  Through research, tools, partnerships, case studies, grants, and technical assistance, EPA is helping America’s communities turn their visions of the future into reality.

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Bureau of Business and Economic Research

The Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) is a research department within the School of Business Administration at the University of Montana.The Bureau produces a variety of economic and industry data that includes annual economic forecasts for Montana, its industries, and its counties. Their data archive and research can be found at the Bureau’s website linked here.  

Building from the Best, Northern Rockies

This document provides best practices for development in Rocky Mountain territory and the rural Midwest. In addition, it reviews case studies of the application of these best practices in local towns and cities, including Fort Benton and Rocky Boy, MT. Finally, this work provides suggestions for policy reform for the most successful development in rural locations. 

Building from the Best of the Northern Rockies